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Message from Dominic


Message from Dominic:

The America-in-Play mission statement captures the raison d'etre of our group. What it can't possibly capture in full is the energy, vitality, and sheer learning that happens at the workshops for a select group of playwrights and theatre artists. As we introduce this group to playwrights from early in our country's history, the connections to American archetypes begin to bubble up. Connections from early America are alive and well on stage, television, and film today, not to mention on the political stage.

I believe in the importance of this mission, which explains my peripatetic schedule, flying in to New York each month through the fall and winter from the Twin Cities, where I teach and direct. I'm thrilled to see playwrights develop and grow. I'm equally encouraged by the prospect of introducing audiences to the material, and I am personally eager to keep making my own discoveries.

Take a look at our website, join us for Work & Show in the spring, and make some discoveries of your own!

Dominic Taylor Associate Artistic Director

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